1235 8011 O H18 Aluminum foil stock for sale

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 Chalco Aluminum produce aluminum foil ranges from 0.005mm up to 0.20mm, maximum aluminum foil width is 1890mm width, which could be slit into different width, and used in packaging lamination, and household aluminum foil, blister aluminum foil etc.
To serve client quickly we have below sizes aluminum foil stock as well, which could slit into different width, and small quantity is acceptable as well.

Product name Aluminum Alloy Temper Thickness
Width(mm) Application
Aluminum foil for packaging lamination 1235 O 6, 6.5, 7, 9 1700mm width, could be slit into different width customized packaging lamination with paper, PVC, PE, PET,
Cigarette aluminium foil 1235 O 6, 6.5, 7 905mm, 910mm Aluminum laminated with paper for cigarette
Household aluminum foil 8011 O 9, 12, 18, 20 300, 375, 380, 450mm Roasting poultry and meat, cooking fish, making small storage containers in refrigerator, baking potatoes etc.
Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil 8011 H18 20, 21, 22 500--600MM Pharmaceutical Foil is Ideal for blister pill packs. such as capsules, tablets, pill ,pastille, small-size food candy, etc.
Note: Width could slit as client request, small quantity is acceptable as well.