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Aluminum Sheet Plate Fabrication Capacity

Aluminum plate Sheet is in the form of thin, broad sheets. They are seldom a finished product. We Chalco Aluminum could use it to create many different products in a wide range of industries. Some of these include aerospace, automotive, communication, computer, construction, electronics, food processing and storage, military, and pharmaceuticals.
As technology has advanced, custom aluminum sheet plate fabrication has become more precise and more efficient. Precision aluminum sheet plate products are produced on automated lines with robotic machinery that turn and move them as necessary in Chalco Aluminum. CNC machinery has also revolutionized the quality of metalworking by allowing for more accuracy and uniformity. With modern custom sheet metal fabrication, the possibilities really are endless.
Aluminum is popular in custom aluminum fabrication,  because it offers compressive strength, tensile strength, and lightness. Aluminum sheet plate fabricated products have applications in aerospace, automotive manufacturing and other transportation industries, and the packaging, construction, food and beverage, music, household, and electronics industries, among others.

Service Details

Part Design
Chalco Aluminum create a design with aluminum coil/sheet/plate/profiles. Aluminum sheet plate design is the process of identifying any and all potential stress points, weak areas, and other potential problems a finished product may face, and formulating and carrying out a comprehensive plan of action to ensure that the product does not fall victim to any of these potential issues.
Part Fabrication
During this part of fabrication, Chalco Aluminum manipulate the metal sheet so that it can become the product they wish to make. To do so, Chalco Aluminum may participate in any number of metalworking processes, including machining, cutting, sawing, shearing, drilling, perforating, stretching, rolling, bending, spinning, ironing, stamping, sanding, deburring, blanking, and welding (spot welding, MIG welding (metal inert gas welding), TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding), stick welding, etc.).
Assembly (Optional)
Finally, if a precision aluminum sheet metal product consists of multiple parts, Chalco Aluminum often assemble them before shipping it out.


When deciding how to fabricate a custom part or parts, Chalco Aluminum factor in specifications like product purpose, required product strength, product quantity request, standard requirements, required material characteristics (corrosion resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, etc.), and the like.
Chalco Aluminum can create virtually any piece of custom sheet metal or custom sheet metal products. We can vary custom products by shape, size, complexity, materials, and more. To find out more about custom fabrication, talk to our potential suppliers.

Machinery Used

CNC machines  Chalco Aluminum have many CNC machines.  Some of the many machines that aluminum sheet plate fabricating use, CNC controlled or otherwise, include punch and die machines, automated lines, press brakes, and various tools, such as drills and laser cutters.
Punch and die machines  form products from aluminum sheet plate. To use them, Chalco Aluminum first secure one or more aluminum sheets on a designated surface. Once the workpiece is in the place, the punch comes down and literally punches the  aluminum sheets . The aluminum sheet plate then deforms and takes on whatever shape the punch has. Alternatively, Chalco Aluminum can place aluminum sheet plate on top of a die, and then use a press brake to press the metal into the die.
Automated lines are assembly lines that use robot workers instead of humans. Automated lines are incredibly efficient, and less likely to yield errors.
Press brakes are machine brakes that metalworkers use to bend sheet metal. Often, Chalco Aluminum use press brakes in conjunction with other equipment, like shaped dies or punches.
Drills are cutting tools with rotating tips that Chalco Aluminum use to create holes in material.
Laser cutting tools use laser beams to make extremely clean, high quality cuts.
Aluminum Sheet Plate Fabricated Products
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Aluminum Profile Fabrication Capacity

Chalco Aluminum manage your extruded solution from billet to final product. We offer a full service customer experience for all your extrusion needs including finishing. Our team has access to superior finishing methods, which allows our customers more time to focus on their business. Fabrication is the process of adding features to a basic object by cutting, punching, bending, drilling, stamping, welding or milling it into a product ready for assembly. Aluminum extrusions respond readily to fabrication. Chalcol aluminum and its subsidiary operate several advanced machining cells designed to produce aluminum extrusions ready for assembly. We fabricate solutions for complex demands— on time. Chalco Aluminum is a value-added solutions provider with capabilities in all aspects of fabrication. We have in-house fabrication as well as a responsive team of valued suppliers to ensure any manufacturing challenge can be met head on with the right process and in the shortest lead time.
Fabrication Capacity Fabrication Machine Photos
Bend Bending1
CNC machining
                      CNC Machine1
CNC machine
 Milling Machine Fooke Milling Machine
Laser cutting Laser cutting1
Laser cutting2
Cut to length Cut to length
Welding machine welding machine1
             welding machine2
Wire Cutting Machine Wire Cutting Machine
Sheet Sawing Machine Sawing machine
Sheet     Bending  Mahine Sheet bending machine
Sheet Cutting Mahine sheet cutting machine
Sheet Circle Bending Mahine sheet circle bending machine
Automatic Aluminum Pallet Production Line Aluminium pallet production line
Automatic aluminum pallet production line
Aluminum pallet produciton line
Aluminum Profile Fabricated Products
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