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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum, we also carry a variety of aluminum round bar stock, aluminum plate stock,aluminum foil stock , aluminum square tubing stock, as well as aluminum structural shapes, which include aluminum channel and aluminum angles.
In addition to offering stock sizes of these items, we offer custom aluminum extrusions to suit your needs and can process materials to meet your specifications, including finishing services such as painting. In short, we deliver fully processed aluminum used in everything from electrical equipment to utility trailers.
Among the industries served by Chalco Aluminum’s speciality product ranges are:

  • Building – Painted Sheet & Extrusions, Patterned Sheet & Treadplate
  • Road Transport – Sections, Castings, Plate & Shate, Patterned Sheet & Treadplate
  • Road Signs – Sheet, Blanks, Painted Sheet, Extrusions
  • Marine – Sections, Plate, Sheet, Treadplate, Transition Joints
  • Holloware – Deep Drawing Quality Sheet, Circles & Rings
  • Process Plant – Pipe, Butt Weld Fittings & Flanges, Treadplate
  • Chalco Aluminum also provides a complete range of processing services these include: bar, tube & pipe cutting; plate processing; coil processing and surface finishing.

Aluminium Plate

Chalco stocks a wide range of thicknesses and alloys, including marine and aerospace grades, backed by extensive processing facilities, including:

  • Plate Cutting – Rectangles, Angular Shapes, Circles & Rings - all carried out on the most modern machinery with fully automatic operation through a programmable electronic control system and air-flotation beds to avoid scratching.
  • Plate Processing – Routing, Drilling, Surface Machining, Surface Finishing
  • Pre-Fabrication & Welding

Aluminium Extrusions

Chalco Aluminum is one of the China’s largest manufacturers of aluminium extrusion.
The stock range includes special alloys, shapes and sizes for many industries including building, marine, road transport, signage, leisure & sporting goods and aerospace engineering.
The processing services provided for aluminium extrusions include:

  • Cut lengths
  • Prefabrication
  • Finishing
  • Protective Coating or Sleeving
  • Special Packaging including ‘Kitting’